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FEST23 Zero Waste Tee

USD 75

Edition of 120

FWB Product

FEST23 Zero Waste Tee Limited Edition

USD 95

Edition of 30

This t-shirt is co-created and designed through the collaborative effort of the FWB community members, DECODE, and Crowdmuse as a physical activation for FEST23

Due to DECODE's fundamental shift in how they approach clothing, Zero Waste and onchain communities is a match made in heaven.

Using their unique, in-house structural pattern engineering, DECODE is able to shift & optimize the structural blueprint for any garment, achieving 100% material efficiency, and eliminating waste before it even occurs.

This garment is one of very few experiments in existence, marking anyone who wears it as a trailblazer for greater things to come.

Zero Waste tees made specially for the changemakers. The global pioneers of the first network city. An experiment in onchain subcultures creating purpose irl.

ANINTERNET EXPOSITIONFWB FEST 234-6 August 23www.fwbfest.xyz-----------FWB FEST23 ZERO WASTE TEEsa collaboration with FWB and DECODEpowered by Crowdmuse